Elevating Lululemon's EU Content Strategy with Hello Earth


To enhance brand engagement and diversify Lululemon’s creative content over a 6-month period, focusing on the benefits of performance creative for paid campaigns.



Implementing a creative testing model to evaluate and enhance brand engagement.
Utilising both in-house and external talent for content creation.
Producing and rolling out 8 new creative assets monthly to measure engagement against existing content.



Developed a dynamic and innovative creative model.
Consistently produced and assessed 8 new creative assets each month.


  • View and Engagement Surge: Witnessed a 223% increase in views and engagement with the initial creative push compared to previous content.
  • Record-Breaking Views: The top two posts achieved a collective 1.5 million views within three months, setting a new record for Lululemon.
  • UGC Performance: User-generated content outperformed other strategies, showing 189% higher results than former posts, marking it as the most successful launch.
  • Long-Term Partnership: Post-trial, Lululemon appointed Consciously Creative as their long-term creative partner.