Alexander Clementine – 209% Increase In Monthly Revenue

Alexander Clementine – 209% Increase In Monthly Revenue

The Results

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The Brief

Hello Earth was engaged to improve the social media advertising performance for an Alexander Clementine, an underwear brand made from seaweed.

After introductory calls and meetings, the Hello Earth team audited the client’s advertising account and immediately identified opportunities to increase the return on their advertising spend.

The team proposed a two-fold strategy that would optimise the client’s current campaigns alongside building and launching new campaigns to close the gaps identified in the sales funnel.

Key to increasing the client’s ROI was the need to increase their average order value (AOV). This formed a focal pillar of the new advertising campaigns.

The client also had aspirations to expand its international reach and sales, which required careful planning and testing to ensure the advertising investment that was committed to new markets provided a healthy revenue return and no budget was wasted.

The Solution

About the project

Using Hello Earth’s bespoke Facebook Campaign Blueprint, the team set about building a go-to-market plan that would increase the client’s revenue by 88% in one month.

This case study is another example of the success that can be found in savvy segmentation and data, data, data!

Different parts of your sales funnel will deliver different returns but each one is important and deserves its own tailored treatment. Like all things, each element of the sales funnel is interconnected and part of a bigger web and ecosystem that’s reliant on careful nurture.


User generated content

If you’re selling products to consumers and you’re struggling to cut through or generate a profitable ROI, using influencer content as your Facebook advertising creative is a competitive tactic to drive consistent revenue for your brand. Typically speaking, having an influencer review your products gives you instant credibility and authority, peaking the interest of your customers and community. Access our free webinar on this hack.

Increasing AOV

Increasing your AOV is a huge part of increasing the overall health of your sales and the value that you see returned from your advertising investment. It’s about finding ways to encourage your prospects to purchase your higher value products and add that “other thing” they’ve been browsing to their cart (in turn, reducing their shipping fees and carbon footprint when compared to making multiple purchases). We found success by creating single product ads that introduced products more directly and more personally to different audiences across the sales funnel, marrying interests and browsing habits to products. 

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