The Simple Folk

The Simple Folk

From startup to global online childrens and women global retail brand

“Working with the Hello Earth team has been a great experience. Right from the start the whole team has shown a genuine appreciation and understanding of the brand, and as a result the work they do is extremely well-aligned with our brand ethos and tone of voice.


They have approached our account with a proactive and initiative-driven mindset, genuinely caring about our business performance. They have not only focused on the specific channels they were responsible for but also considered the broader scope of our business growth. The whole team is in constant communication and always there when we need them, which is a real luxury.

We truly appreciate the support we receive from Hello Earth. They have full ownership of their campaigns and projects, and are always refreshingly transparent and honest when identifying areas where we could improve. They are a passionate, committed and results driven partner and I would recommend their digital marketing services.”

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Lara Smrtnik



To launch The Simple Folk in multiple territories.
To transform the brand from a startup to a leading name in the industry.
To achieve significant growth in sales, online presence, and market reach.


Implementing cutting-edge digital innovation strategies.
Expanding the brand’s presence into multiple international markets.
Focusing on localised marketing strategies for different regions.



  • ROAS (Return on Ad Spend): Increased by 13% year on year, with a 25% achievement over the target.
  • CPA (Cost Per Acquisition): Reduced by 14%, indicating more efficient customer acquisition.
  • Sales: Grew by 46%, showcasing significant market penetration and brand acceptance.
  • Impressions: Increased by 57%, reflecting enhanced brand visibility.
  • Link Clicks: Rose by 67%, indicating higher customer engagement.
  • Spend: Scaled by 25%, strategically invested in market expansion.
  • Business Growth: Achieved a remarkable 60% growth over 4 years.

International Performance

  • Launch in the UK: Exceeded performance targets, followed by successful horizontal scaling into the US and EU.
  • Market Expansion: Successfully entered the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia.
  • Organic Growth: Instagram following grew over 100% year on year, reaching 280,000 followers, primarily in the UK and US.
  • US Spend: Increased by 45%.
  • EU Spend: Increased by 33%.
  • US ROAS: 34% over the target.
  • EU ROAS: 13% over the target.

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