Fushi Wellbeing


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Fushi Wellbeing is a B Corp Certified, award winning health and beauty supplements producer/supplier with many stockists within the UK. They previously were managing their ad account in-house with the main bulk of activity being brand advertising.


The main issue they were experiencing was growth/scalability within Google ads, so they approached Hello Earth for our expertise within DTC eCommerce and our proven experience in scaling brands.
The objective was to increase overall sales and revenue, initially focusing on bestselling products but to also advertise the full catalogue of products available online.

Our initial plan was to sacrifice the strong ROAS to allow increased volume of sales focusing on TOF and non-brand ads (adding incremental value / new users) whilst redistributing the budget to fit the new campaign structure.




Increase revenue | Increase ROI | Scale nationally

Objective was to increase overall sales/revenue
Advertise the full product feed and range of products available on site
To scale (nationally) and reach new audiences whilst hitting a target ROAS of 3.5x


Initially focusing on the top 20 products from Shopify, we segmented these into health or beauty concerns for Pmax & Shopping campaigns but each product had their own search (with all brand KWs excluded/negative so its purely non brand). We learnt over time, search generated high levels of traffic with WoW improvements in CTR, CVR.


With one or two KWs generating strong sales per product, we would switch this into a broad match and into its own ad group to become SKAG (single keyword ad group), as we know this format / structure tends to lead to strong CVR and sales. For Pmax we layered custom product defined audience signals, with new asset groups by health or beauty concern, this helped targeting to be very focused and by product level, highlighting product/user concerns and solutions to those.


We created a non branded Search campaign for all top 20 products, Pmax campaigns were segmented into health and beauty concerns via this page, usually consisting of 3-10 products per campaign. We also created a catch-all shopping campaign with low priority and low bids / daily budget, this would target the full feed of products which did not overlap into the campaigns above ensuring we were targeting all products.


A new feed was created via DFW, we optimised the feed by remapping missing attributes, tested new headlines, descriptions, images and created custom rules to exclude products with low stock count.


  • 230% increase in google revenue YoY
  • 270% increase in conversions YoY
  • 4.7% decrease in ROAS YoY (to allow volume & non brand but still at 3.7x)

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