Driving 248% year on year growth with Meta Advantage+ Shopping and Performance Content for Branwyn

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Branwyn pioneers women’s performance through their underwear crafted out of natural fibres from Merino sheep, their undergarments tackle boob sweat, banishes sogginess and eliminates funk with their fabric.

Branwyn is a women-led brand who looks to empower & rejuvenate active individuals, from the eco-conscious outdoorsy to the yoga fanatic, seeking quality over quantity.

Hello Earth was approached by Branwyn due to our impressive track record with Paid Social, Performance Creative, scaling ecommerce brands, and most importantly, speaking to a purpose focused audience.

Branwyn approached us with two key challenges:


Meta Ads:

  • Scaling Meta spend to new heights, driving business growth
  • Reducing Meta customer acquisition (CPA)

Performance Content:

  • Creative development, process and scaling
    Creator + Brand alignment, sourcing and management
  • Performance Video Content concepting, script, production and delivery

Our solution had three key focuses:


Focus #1: Meta account consolidation, best practice application, Advantage+ Shopping setup, creative testing sandbox

Focus #2: Meta creative concepting and testing

Focus #3: Performance Content concept, scripting, production and testing


We focused upon creating less campaigns with more value, improving their shopability with adding features for the audience to buy on Meta platforms. Furthermore, we included Advantage+ Shopping campaigns, which targeted a larger audience using ASC’s AI algorithm and drove strong conversion. Lastly, we ensured there were a range of ad formats within the account including image, carousel and video, and we utilised the budget optimally throughout each ad set to drive awareness, consideration and conversion.

We introduced Branwyn to weekly creative testing, to test each concept, message, and format to gather data on which ad resonates with the target audience, enabling data-led decision making for further creatives. Firstly, we thoroughly understand the audience of active life of health and sustainability and made sure this resonated within the copy to entice our target shopper.

Our performance content strategy focused on brand and creator alignment, ensuring our audiences engaged with both the concept and creator. We tested performance content by evaluating the hook and hold rate, and identifying where that landed within the video. Once this was achieved, we iterated on the format and flow, which encouraged strong performance through identifying areas of improvement.

“Hello Earth Showcased Their Expertise And Dedication In Running Our Meta Ads And Producing Outstanding Performance Creatives. We Were Pleasantly Surprised By The Immediate Results They Achieved For Us. Within The First Month Of Collaboration, Our Return On Ad Spend (Roas) Increased Significantly, Allowing Us To Confidently Invest More In Our Advertising Efforts.


However, What Truly Sets Hello Earth Apart Is Their Unwavering Commitment To Understanding And Representing Our Brand. They Went Above And Beyond To Conduct Extensive Research, Ensuring That Our Advertising Materials Remained Perfectly Aligned With Our Core Values And Brand Identity. This Attention To Detail Not Only Captured The Essence Of Branwyn But Also Resonated With Our Target Audience In A Meaningful Way.



- CTO -

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