Petit Nord - Case Study

Petit Nord have offered contemporary lines of footwear for children since 1998. They use natural and sustainable materials of the highest quality, ensuring great durability and practicality.

Prior to Hello Earth, the brand struggled with paid ads performance and needed a new partner to help them scale and launch into new markets.

Our partnership also began at the time of iOS14 changes began to take effect, so it was really important for the founders to find an agency they can trust to navigate them through these changes.

We have now worked together for over 18 months having helped the grow significantly during this time and scale into new territories. 

We developed an online strategy that helped Petit Nord gain control of their FB ad account and customer acquisition, while increasing ad spend in a post iOS14 landscape and improving efficiency. We completely rebuilt their Facebook ad account and developed a new account structure to focus on:

  • Account efficiency: reducing wasted spend on non performing audiences and creatives
  • Focusing ad spend on campaign types that generate a positive return on investment
  • Enabling Facebook to optimise to use the budget in the most efficient way (Campaign Budget Optimisation, Automatic Placements including customised creative for IG Stories, on platform campaign types including Facebook Lead Gen)
  • A change to having only 4 campaigns instead of 8, and grouping locations together so the platform could spend into USA, where their conversion rate is the highest!

We worked on Petit Nord’s messaging and point of difference to enable the brand and product to stand out amongst the busy Facebook and Instagram feeds. We used our own concept and hook testing method to refine our messaging.

  • 51% reduction in CPA 
  • 92% increase in ROAS 
  • 51% increase in new customer revenue
  • 52% reduction in blended new customer CPA
  • 62% increasing in blended new customer ROAS