70% increase in year on year growth since the beginning of our partnership with Petit Nord

Petit Nord are a children’s footwear brand, using Scandinavian heritage, design and sustainability interests to define their brand and product. Their handcrafted products are hand-made using high quality ecological materials, designed for the parents looking for superior, bespoke, clothing that doesn’t damage the planet.


Hello Earth started to work with Petit Nord in 2021, when they were looking to scale up their previous Meta Ads activity.


Petit Nord were faced with four challenges:

  • Scaling Meta Ads while maintaining efficient performance
  • Increasing activity through Top of Funnel unaware audiences
  • Over reliance on retargeting to a finite audience
  • Creative diversification, previously solely relying on static image ads.

Our strategy had five diverse focuses to drive performance:

  • Focus #1: Top of funnel audience focus
  • Focus #2: Creative diversification
  • Focus #3: Managing ad budget and activity inline with seasonality and demand
  • Focus #4: Utilising all available platform tools within Meta Ads to maximise available performance
  • Focus #5: International scaling was supported with combined country campaigns


We redistributed the budget, and moved away from the previous setup where the majority of budget was spent on the retargeting campaign, even though this produced a high ROAS, it was not driving incremental sales. We in turn moved to a 80/20 acquisition/retargeting setup.


New formats were introduced to diversify creative, including Dynamic Ads for Broad Audiences, catalogue and collection ads, video including Reels. This was implemented to reach all available in-market audiences by providing the platform with creatives to deliver in all placements.

We ensured we scaled back during lower periods, and we scaled up ahead of the launch to guarantee we generated demand ahead of the season, rather than after it.


We utilised all available platforms, including Advantage+ Shopping, Campaign Budget Optimization, broad and interest targeting, lookalikes from high value Klaviyo segments. 


In the Meta ads platform, we grouped countries together based on their population size, conversion rate, and priority to the business. This segmentation created tiered country campaigns, enabling us to scale internationally, utilising live market data to inform our international media buying each season.


Successfully worked with Petit Nord since 2021:

  • 40% increase in Meta ROAS
  • 25% decrease in Meta CPA
  • 73% increase in revenue year on year 
  • Long term strong agency + brand relationship across many seasonal launches, including year on year increasing performance targets.

Investment in Meta ads fueled the growth of their organic Instagram profile and follower community on IG.


Meta prioritised the USA with spend, based on the popularity and strong performance of the brand in the USA, Meta would push a majority of budget in this location. To ensure we were able to support growth of the brand within other locations too, we segmented location campaigns to ensure the budget was distributed to align with wider business goals.


Creative diversification drove improved performance against all Meta placements, we regularly saw the top three ads for each campaign be a mix of all creative formats: image, video, catalogue.


Our work with Petit Nord grows from strength to strength, and we are pleased with the collaboration and strong relationships we have built over the past few years. 


Phil Kiel – Managing Director at Hello Earth said:

“We’re really proud of both our long standing partnership with Petit Nord and the year on year performance we have been able to deliver, navigating both platform and consumer changes well. ”

"Hello Earth excel with Meta's latest product developments, they quickly utilise new platform features such as CAPI, Advantage+ Shopping, ads for Reels placements and more to benefit their clients.

Hello Earth successfully combine Creative Strategy and Meta Media Buying. All of their media buyers are Creative Strategy certified, and they deliver creatives in house with our team of creative strategists and designers."

Emma Mathews

Head of Industry, Global Business Group, Meta

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