NICE came to us with the objective of growing their brand and consumer only revenue through an integrated marketing strategy consisting of Paid Social, Paid Search, Content and Email Marketing.


  • Concept and message development and testing
  • Paid Social management
  • Paid Search + Shopping management
  • Creative strategy and development
  • Email flow and campaign strategy and management
  • Shopify offer, free gift and checkout app implementation

When Hello Earth was briefed into their targets we set about making the following key actions to their strategy:

Heavily testing creative types, key messaging and acquisition offers to find which offer + creative + message resonated best with their consumer and drove conversions. We then scaled into this strategy and developed the marketing plan to further drive consistent revenue growth, year on year, and month on month.

Through testing and incremental changes we developed a winning acquisition offer which we focused all Paid Social spend on for August 22 resulting in their biggest consumer only revenue month ever.


  • Email revenue accounted for 56% of overall revenue in 2021
  • 178% YoY overall revenue increase
  • 27% YoY increase for on site conversion rate
  • 179% increase in Paid Social revenue
  • Biggest consumer only revenue month ever with Facebook only offer