116% increase in Meta ROAS, driving conversion and awareness for a new product launch.​

NICE drinks are a wine brand, with an initial focus on their canned wine range, they have now scaled into boxed wine too. Their primary focus is to make wine accessible, removing barriers to entry and targeting an audience of young cool individuals who don’t normally drink wine. 

Nice Drinks approached Hello Earth because of our impressive track record with FMCG brands and Meta advertising. Nice Drinks and Hello Earth have been in partnership since 2021, over 3 years!

When we began working with NICE, they were facing two challenges:

  • Increasing difficulty to acquire new customers within their target market
  • Meta CPA increasing competition and platform changes

Their objective was:

  • Drive engagement, interest and conversion during the launch of their new seasonal product
  • Reduce Meta CPA and scale

We had two focus areas to overcome:

  • Focus #1: Consolidated ad account, focusing budget on Advantage+ Shopping 
  • Focus #2: Direct response Meta ad creative, legibly highlighting what they’re new product is and who it’s for.

We utilised Advantage+ to optimise spend to ensure we were reaching the most efficient audiences and targeting NICE’s customer profile. This enabled us to optimally utilise the budget and drive the strongest performance. 


Our direct response Meta ads highlight key USPs surrounding the product, including what the new product entailed and the audience it targeted. This was an efficient way to bridge the gap surrounding any doubt regarding the functionality of the product, whilst driving engagement. 


  • 75% decrease in Meta CPA against average
  • 116% increase in Meta ROAS against average

The launch of their Sessions product was a huge success, not only exceeding targets and expectations early on, but also confirming that a consolidated account and focused strategy can pay dividends when it comes to launching a new product at a fast pace.


Audiences reacted well to our stripped back creative which focused on wanting to have a drink, but without the full impact of alcohol. 


Millie, Strategic Account Planner at Hello Earth said:

“The success of the Sessions product launch is a testament to the long standing partnership between Hello Earth and NICE Drinks. We’ve delivered strong results with brand aligned strategies, and I’m excited to build on this partnership further”

Madeline Tomalin-Reeves, Brand Manager at NICE Drinks said: "The Hello Earth team feel like an extension of our own team. They are not only responsive and proactive but are always bringing insights and new ideas to the table. They make us feel like a priority, and our company means a lot to them. They care about the brand, and it means they're always striving to make the best and most informed decisions for us.

Commercially, we’ve seen significant improvement in our metrics across the board, from a decrease in CPA and increase in ROAS to improving our website conversion rate. They’ve also helped how the brand shows up online with content, from email to paid creative, they know how to tell the NICE story.

If you’re looking for an agency that feels much more collaborative than transactional, then Hello Earth are for you. They have the best intentions for your brand, and are responsive to all targets set."

Madeline Tomalin-Reeves

- Brand Manager -

"Hello Earth excel with Meta's latest product developments, they quickly utilise new platform features such as CAPI, Advantage+ Shopping, ads for Reels placements and more to benefit their clients.

Hello Earth successfully combine Creative Strategy and Meta Media Buying. All of their media buyers are Creative Strategy certified, and they deliver creatives in house with our team of creative strategists and designers."

Emma Mathews

Head of Industry, Global Business Group, Meta

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