Punchy Drinks had previously tested Facebook ads before approaching Hello Earth, while their product and brand had been validated on the platform, their ads weren’t hitting KPIs or communicating the brand or product messages successfully.


Over the past 13 months we have developed and implemented a full Facebook ads, Google Search and Shopping and content strategy, focused on communicating Punchy Drinks’ message of Liquid Sunshine in a can.



  • Message, Concept and Creative Format Testing and Graduation
  • Performance UGC delivery
  • Offer testing
  • Shopify Review app implementation and review email flow development
  • Shopify free gift and offer app implementation


  • Successfully launched their new Vitamin D drink in summer 2022
  • Scaled revenue successfully over a 13 month period
  • Increased monthly revenue by 81% with no increase in ad spend
  • Increased monthly contribution margin by 93%
  • Implemented Loox Reviews app & strategy and scaled reviews to over 100 in a 3 month period

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