Optimising Your Facebook Advertising Strategy Facebook Advertising allows you to target users of Facebook with various types of ads based on various parameters. For your Facebook Advertising strategy to succeed, you will need to create ads and use content, which captures the attention, trust, and loyalty of your target audience. Most small companies fail in Facebook Advertising since they find the process too complex or they do not use a good strategy. Here is how you can improve the effectiveness of your Facebook ad campaign.

Add the Facebook Retargeting Pixel to Your Site

In the Facebook Ads platform, retargeting is marketing to users who have interacted with your ads in the past. It also entails targeting users who have been to your site in the past. To ensure your Facebook Advertising Strategy is a success, add code to your site’ backend, which is called pixel. This should be done before the ad campaign starts. You can then proceed to use various parameters to come up with an audience for your ads.

Adding Pixel

Adding Pixel

To add Facebook Pixel, you can access the code by clicking on the top left corner of Facebook Ads Manager. You should then choose “Pixels.” You should then paste the code to the backend of the site. It should probably be on the header or footer to ensure that it will appear on all your site’s pages.

Identify Your Goals

Campaign goals

The goals will depend on what you wish to achieve. Do you want people to take part in a webinar? Do you want leads? Do you want people to go to your store? Figure out the goals before you build your campaign. Having clear goals will help you pick the best campaign type. For instance, if your goal is to get page likes, do not expect to get any subscribers for your Webinar. If you pick a video campaign, it will not help you get purchases to your site. Instead, the ad should directly relate to your campaign goal. If you are unsure of what to do, a Facebook Advertising Agency may be worth the investment. Many people make the mistake of claiming they want Facebook like when they go to a Facebook Advertising Agency. However, liking a page does not mean they will see your posts in the future. The best way to carry out a campaign is to focus on sales, leads, and brand awareness.

Identify the Best Potential Audience

Audience insights

Look for various ways through which you can target Facebook users. For instance, if your aim is to target users who are in the marketing world, you should base your campaign on magazines they read or entrepreneurs that they have liked on Facebook. For instance, you could target those who have liked Adweek or PRWeek on Facebook. You can then begin to do some basic testing and see which audience gives you the best results. It is important to know that when you run such an ad, you are not targeting fans who have liked the page. Instead, you are seeking out people who are interested in your topic. For instance, 10 million people might like a famous person’s page but only 500,000 are interested in marketing. To filter out people you do not want to target, you should utilize the Facebook Insights tool. It is one of the most effective ad targeting tools in the advertising world.

Lookalike Audiences


Facebook’s Custom Audiences tool will let you upload customer lists to Facebook and target them with ads. It allows you to come up with ads that are similar to those you use for the offline customer lists. It usually works well for a business with small customer lists. It can be focused on similarity to reach users with similar interests to offline customers.

Saved Audiences

To create a good ad will take time since you need to fill on all the right targeting parameters. The parameters may include: • Location • Gender • Precise interest • Partner Categories • Broad Categories • Connections • Custom Audience • Relationships • Language There are many are other categories Facebook Ads offers; it can be a lot of information to enter each time you come up with a new ad. However, the Power Editor allows you to create a Saved Audience. This way, you only have to create it once and customise it a bit when you like each time you come up with a new ad. On the Audience tab, you only need to select the Saved Audience and Facebook will pre-fill all the needed fields you had selected earlier.

saved audience


When people see your ad, they may click on it and head to your landing page. However, they may not convert. In some cases, they leave after just five minutes. In some cases, it might be because they are asked to give details on the form, which they do not wish to provide or they have no interest in the ads. You could do a bit of testing with the landing page such as changing prices or asking for less information. Continually test until you find the right formula to increase conversions.