The Simple Folk – 7,555% Growth in Annual Revenue

7,555% Annual Growth.

The Results

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The Brief

Hello Earth was engaged by an ethical eCommerce start-up that retails organic accessories.

After doing the hard work of launching the brand to market, the client was tirelessly working to grow awareness and acquisition without results.

During our first call, they explained they were running Facebook advertising at a loss and making a small volume of sales with a return on ad spend of just 0.5.

Knowing they had a great product, they wanted to scale hard and fast, nationally and internationally. To do that, they knew they needed the help of a specialist marketing partner.

Our brief was to help increase their sales revenue through multiple touchpoints via prospecting and retargeting campaigns that could deliver the client’s dreams of global growth. Our challenge was building these from the ground up without successful historical results to support early data assessments.

The Strategy

Hello Earth created a go-to-market acquisition strategy with sniper-style targeting. This had three key focuses that fed the overarching objective of building a healthy sales funnel that was strong enough to deliver global growth and skyrocket revenue results.

Focus #1: the top of the sales funnel (TOF)

  • We set up a campaign to drive reach, traffic and conversions via dynamic product ads (DPAs).
  • We tested different creative types via carousel ads, collections and slideshows, and Instagram stories.
  • We drove 10 x ROAS.

Focus #2: the middle of the sales funnel (MOF)

  • We grouped different prospect audiences based on their engagement with the client across different social media channels.
  • We used different ads sets that allowed us to dramatically scale the campaign with speed.
  • We targeted previous purchasers.
  • We tested different creative types (slideshow videos, imagery, collection ads, non collection ads) to increase conversion results.
  • We got founders in front of people via video content, increasing engagement.

Focus #3: the bottom of the sales funnel (BOF)

  • We grouped locations rather than splitting ad sets by location.
  • We tested lots of single interests and analysed how these responded against different conversion types, including add to cart (ATC) and checkout conversions.
  • We used audience expansion tactics as soon as we started seeing successful ATC results. From there, the campaign took flight!
  • It’s important to dedicate different tactics to different parts of the sales funnel, understanding that the funnel needs to be healthy and flourishing from top to bottom to deliver sustainable commercial growth.

Our efforts paid off, and a year later, we’re proud to report this client is now enjoying a whopping 7,555% year-on-year increase in revenue results.


Always test creative

Slideshow creative converted at an average of 3.6% vs. non slideshow creative that converted at an average of 1.98%. This understanding helped us invest the client’s creative and advertising budgets in a way that would drive maximum return.

Always run a reach campaign at the top of the sales funnel

The campaigns that were set up to drive reach at the top of the sales funnel delivered conversion rates that were more than 10% higher than any other campaign across the sales funnel. These were followed by DPAs as the second highest converting tactic.

Committing to an always-on TOF campaign is a necessary part of building a healthy pipeline of prospects that can be moved down the sales funnel and converted into paying customers.

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