How To Set Up a Facebook Pixel

How To Set Up a Facebook Pixel

If you’re using any Facebook ads or you are planning to utilize them in the future, there is one essential tool you should start using immediately. Facebook Pixel is the tool you will need since it will help you achieve your Facebook advertising goals and get the best out of the social ad budget. If you are planning to spend some cash on Facebook, installing this tool is among the most crucial things you should do. You need to install it before you spend your penny. Here is everything you need to know about Facebook Pixel, how to set up, and how it works. 

What is Facebook Pixel? Facebook describes this tool as an analytics element that allows individuals to measure the effectiveness of their social media advertising by understanding the actions that users take on their respective websites. Essentially, it is a piece of code which you install onto your site, allowing you to monitor and track things happening on your website as well as other cool stuff. Facebook Pixel is a code, and you should fear not since it is easy and not as scary as it may sound to most people.

What are the Main Functions of Facebook Pixel? According to Facebook, this tool has many functions. It helps: • View any content on conversion on the website. • Track all actions related to the Add to Cart buttons. • Check the search bar analysis of your website. • Track and monitor anyone who begins the checkout process to purchase something from your website. • Add to Wishlist where someone adds products to a wishlist on your website. • Add payment information where users enter their payment info during the buying process. • Track your site visitors after they complete any purchase. • Complete registration. 

How Facebook Pixels Work The Facebook platform used to have conversion pixels for monitoring and tracking conversations like sales and custom audience pixels for retargeting site visitors. While every advertising account had one audience pixel, Facebook Advertising Agency could use many conversion pixels, one for every page they wanted to monitor and track conversations on. By the help of this tool, you will know who you are advertising to and also have a good understanding of how the Facebook ads are performing. Also, you can make all your messaging more effective leading to excellent returns on your advertising funds. Facebook simplified the process by adding a new pixel that replaced the older ones making Facebook pixel the only tracking tool you currently need. The tool was updated to make advertising on Facebook more effective and easy. 

How to Create Facebook Pixels If you are planning to create your Facebook pixel, you should follow the following simple steps: • Go to the pixels tab in your Events Manager. • Click on the Create a Pixel button. • Click on the Create button that appears and change it as per your needs and requirements.

How to Use Facebook Pixels The Facebook Pixel tool provides its users with three main functions to help them get excellent returns on their investment. The functions include: • 

Custom Conversations The process is similar to how you create Custom Audiences. You create Custom Audiences by choosing a completion page and naming your conversation. Basically, the completion page resembles some kind of the thank-you page. It means that you can comfortably create Custom Conversations independently and then choose when to utilize them in the future. Since the tracking pixel fires on all site pages, it can track when an individual visits your completion page, especially those who have clicked on your ads.

Also, you can select the category for your conversation and add monetary value. Some of the Custom Conversion categories you can select include add to cart, add to payment, complete registration, add to wishlist, lead, purchase, view content, search and initiate checkout. The interesting thing about the Custom Conversations when advertising is that once you create it, it will be tracked for all ads whether you optimize it or not. 

Custom Audiences from Your Site Facebook helps you to retarget your website visitors through the custom audiences for your site. After installing this tool, it will monitor and track all the movements of any site visitors who are simultaneously logged into their Facebook accounts. It will help you record the pages on your website they visited at the time. Using this information, you can advertise to your targeted group of individuals. You can only advertise to various groups of users based on shared behaviour. You can define your custom audiences for your site based on the pages they did or didn’t visit. Also, you can select the timeframe between one and 180 days. After creating an audience, you can then choose when to make your advertisement and the ads to use or allow it to percolate for future use.

Custom and the Standard Events The Custom and Standard events are the advanced features of Facebook pixels. If you only utilize Custom Conversations and Custom Audiences, you are in good shape. In the 80 to 20 of Facebook advertising, you will already be doing simple things which have significant impacts. The Custom and Standard events provide similar functions to the older conversion pixels. Facebook Advertising Agency can create the Custom and Standard events with some additional lines of code. The Custom and Standard events help you to get past the limit of forty Custom Conversions while offering robust analytics as well as reporting. They also have greater accuracy. While the Custom and Standard events are tied to URLs, the conversion can be easily tracked by adding extra lines of code to the web page of interest. Currently, there’re many conversion types which you can use with the Custom and Standard events and each one of them features a different line of code. The code will inform Facebook what to track, and it will be inserted into the Facebook pixel code, but on the page, you are planning to track your conversations on. Getting your Facebook pixel, as well as other digital plumbing in place, should be part of your advertising programme. If you are planning to spend some cash on Facebook, but you are finding it a little overwhelming, you will need to follow the simple steps above.

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