One way to get more visibility on Facebook is through Facebook Advertising. However, you can also improve engagement to get organic visibility. If you are marketing services or products on Facebook, you need to get as many eyeballs to see your posts as you can. Engagement occurs when your posts make enough of an impact on people and they feel like they should respond. If you want to be good at Facebook Advertising, you need to create content that is engaging regularly.  Human nature compels people to be more interested in some posts than others. If they see other commenting and engaging with a post, they are more likely to go through your page to see other posts. When your posts are shared, it is itself part of social proof. It could help to build more trust and interest in your products. Here is how you can do it: 

Time Your Posts Well

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Facebook offers a simple but effective on the activity that is taking part on your page. This can be found in the page insight tab. You can navigate to the posts using the “Navigate to Posts” feature on the left to see when your audience engages with your posts the most. With this information, you can plan when to post on your page. Most pages get the most impact within the first hour, which then leads to a snowballing effect if it proves popular. 

Avoid Salesy Language

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Facebook has invested a lot in AI. Their algorithm has become quite good at finding salesy language in posts that are shared organically. For instance, words like “Buy Now” should be avoided. They can also tell when you try to reuse content that was in a Facebook ad. If you keep doing this, your organic reach will suffer and your posts will see fewer engagements. This does not mean you cannot funnel your audience to your products. However, you have to be more creative about it.  Never use strong language like the one used in this post below to try to sell something. Your posts can be used to move people from Facebook to your site, where you can then use salesy language, far away from the Facebook algorithm. You can then capture their email addresses or other contact information, which you can use to continue with your funnel. For instance, you can offer them a free ebook if they give you their email address. 

Post More Videos and Fewer Images and Links

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The Facebook algorithm now prioritizes videos over all other types of content including images and inks. To ensure that your posts succeed, look for funny videos or emotional videos with which to engage. However, you have to find videos that are in line with your brand. A good social media agency will usually have a catalog of content that has done well in the past. Sometimes, the video could be five years old but it is still engaging. The social media agency will know which videos will succeed in your specific business. While it is not a guarantee for success, it is unlikely to damage your ranking by Facebook.  ()

Collect Questions and Pick a Staff Member to Answer Them

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One way to increase engagement on Facebook is to encourage your audience to ask questions and provide a response. You should offer a date and time when the replies will be posted. This way, your audience can expect to find replies when they come to your page again. To get the most out of it, have a specific theme and a cutoff date. Get creative about who will answer the questions. It could be the staff, a supplier, or an expert in a given field. You may share the answers as a video or document. You may also opt to use Facebook live to get answers, which leads to even more engagement. For instance, if the audience is curious about how you make your carvings or anything else, you could host a live session during which you show them how it is done.  Besides that, you could explain how you source the materials. In general, it should be an opportunity to offer an insightful look into how your company works. It causes the audience to develop a sense of belonging when you take them behind the scenes and reveal how everything works. 

Use Content from Fans

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One way to improve engagement with fans is to use their content. It is an awesome way to develop brand loyalty. For instance, you can ask them to share videos or images of them using your equipment. After that, you can give them freebies. A good example is the dollar shave club. They encourage their customers to share photos of what they buy in exchange for freebies such as coupons.  Another way to generate fan content is to host an event. While big brands can afford to sponsor an entire event, you could organize a small meet and greet at the Local Park or social hall. The fan could share ideas on how to improve your products while also generating content for you. They will all have smartphones, and you can later share the videos and photos they take on your content feed. It helps them to generate a personal relationship with your brand. For instance, if you run a firm that sells surfboards, you could organize a trip to a renowned surfing spot for your top fans. Later you can take images and pictures, which you post on the brand’s page. 

Keep Things Simple and Stupid (KISS)

The KISS formula is a proven path of success. If you are interested in awesome social media management that generates results, you must never use any complex posts or videos to engage the audient. For one, your posts need to have minimal text. Besides that, it needs to be written in simple language. The key to succeeding is to understand your buyer’s persona and coming up with phrases and words with which they can relate. A few impactful words are more engaging than an entire paragraph. 

Persistence is Key

Organic engagement on Facebook will not occur. You will make numerous mistakes and it will take time and effort to build up your audience. However, if you give up and start again after a few weeks, you will have lost the moment. Facebook will have downgraded your ranking due to inconsistency and you have to start all over again.

Show Love to Your Fans

A good social media management strategy is to show love to your fans instead of simply trying to sell products to them. A good brand is one that has a community of loyal fans who want it to succeed. One way to do this is to share posts your fans create, respond to their comments, like posts when they mention your brand, have random giveaways. It will ensure that fans stick around since they do not know when the next giveaway will pop up. 


With these few strategies, engaging with fans should be quite easy. Sometimes, it is not all about selling; it is about making it possible for fans to relate to your brand. It will undoubtedly lead to sales in the future.