Hello Earth’s New Look

Hello Earth’s New Look

Hello Earth logo with design elements highlighted

You are often both your hardest and easiest client. You, are in the best position to know yourself best, but sometimes rebranding your own business can feel like a bit of a minefield or a balancing act; keeping true to your original values so as not to alienate current clients, but also evolving and adapting, whilst taking steps towards new future goals. But how do you show this visually?

At Hello Earth, we have entered a new and exciting phase in understanding our purpose, values and why we’re here and as a Graphic Designer I wanted to try to capture that energy, giving us a bolder and more sophisticated new look to reflect our new direction.

The initial design stages were experimenting with typography; trying to find a strong sans-serif that still felt related to our original logo, but with a more organic edge to relate to our wider business mission as well as something that would work well in the digital space.

It wasn’t until work began on the logomark that it started to pull itself together – I knew I wanted to have the initials ‘H’ & ‘E’ in a circular lockup, and soon enough the swooping organic ligatures started to look like a familiar and rather fitting shape – an icon of the earth. This visual hook ties into our business goals and redirection of being an agency working with brands for good, for people or planet. But the initials were still a bit on the nose – after further research I stumbled upon an article about the world’s axis, and how the earth tilts 23.4 degrees:

“Earth’s axis is currently tilted 23.4 degrees, or about
half way between its extremes, and this angle is very
slowly decreasing in a cycle that spans about 41,000
years. It was last at its maximum tilt about 10,700
years ago and will reach its minimum tilt about 9,800
years from now. As obliquity decreases, it gradually
helps make our seasons milder, resulting in
increasingly warmer winters, and cooler summers.”

Milankovitch (Orbital) Cycles and Their Role in Earth’s Climate

Although this is a natural phenomenon and not human-caused, it serves to remind us that the chips are already stacked against our world, its resources are precious and finite, and we should strive to make a positive impact where we can, and change our consumer habits to do more good.

Everything came together perfectly to create our final look…

the concept to the final product
all the colour ways

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