Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Using a bespoke segmentation model as a core tactic to break down email lists based on historical and predictive consumer behaviours.


This strategic approach enhances response rates and drives conversions by moving recipients up the purchase chain.


With a strong focus on testing, tracking, and optimisation, we ensure that each campaign delivers improvements and measurable results.

Our Approach Fuels Growth

The key opportunity within your email lies in implementing a tailored communications strategy that aligns with your audience mapping and addresses consumers based on their demographics. This approach allows us to create customised flows that cater to individual wants, needs, desires, and pain points, resulting in a more tailored, contextual email strategy. As part of our email strategy, we employ testing cycles to improve open rates, CTRs, audience engagement, and conversions, leading to consistent month-on-month enhancements in email performance and bottom-line revenue.

Powering Your Retention

Though reaching new customers is important, the rising competition for online attention has reinforced the value of keeping existing customers. Retention has overtaken acquisition and conversion as a top priority for many businesses.


Customer retention is one of the best ways to reduce your acquisition costs whilst delivering growth across your bottom line. This is done through supporting the growth in LTV, which not only delivers additional value, but it reduces your perceived CPA and reinforces your brand experience.

Boosting Your Revenue

To begin to measure this, we will first need to understand your CPA and LTV to gauge your growth vs retention strategy. 

The 4 customer retention strategies to unlock new growth are as follows: 

  1. Solve multiple customer problems
  2. Bundle new products with your existing offerings
  3. Offer insights that prompt engagement
  4. Offer proof of brand experience

Ask us how we get the results our clients want.

What Our Clients Have To Say

Ask us how we get the results our clients want.