Facebook Advertising

Paid Social for Ecom Brands

We excel in Performance Marketing and Creative by striking the perfect balance between innovation and iteration. We harness captivating copy and visual hooks, compelling creative assets, and persuasive ad copy that seamlessly integrate these. We optimise the structure of your ad accounts to ensure maximum campaign effectiveness, delivering exceptional results. 

Growth Marketing

20 years of collective experience in Meta ads. Managing budgets worth tens of millions. We consistently deliver profitable ROI for partner brands.


We specialise in expanding brands into new territories. Our expertise spans from the UK and Europe to the USA and vice versa, ensuring effective horizontal scaling.

"Hello Earth excel with Meta's latest product developments, they quickly utilise new platform features such as CAPI, Advantage+ Shopping, ads for Reels placements and more to benefit their clients.

Hello Earth successfully combine Creative Strategy and Meta Media Buying. All of their media buyers are Creative Strategy certified, and they deliver creatives in house with our team of creative strategists and designers."

Emma Mathews

Head of Industry, Global Business Group, Meta

META Management

We’re highly skilled in utilising advanced Meta platform tools, including:

  • Advantage+ Shopping
  • Dynamic Ads for Broad Audiences
  • Conversions API
  • Automatic and Manual Bidding
  • First Party Data Lookalike targeting
  • Shops and Feed Management.

What Our Clients Have To Say

Insights. Context. Culture.

Creative First Strategy

Our high-performing Meta ads blend creativity and data seamlessly. We conduct thorough competitor and audience research to ensure our creatives resonate and convert, giving you a competitive edge. We offer various formats like static images, carousels, videos including Reels, and feed-based ads. Our media buying team is trained in creative strategy, focusing on metrics like CTR and business essentials such as CPA and ROAS.


At the heart of our Meta ad strategy lies creativity. Every decision, whether it's optimising performance or expanding reach, is driven by our commitment to creative excellence.


Backed by insights and data, our creatives are launched with confidence, ensuring optimal performance and maximizing returns while minimizing risk.


Our creatives tap into consumer trends and insights, crafting concepts and hooks that resonate with your audience and drive real results.


Partner with us to elevate your Meta ads with creativity-driven success. Experience improved performance, enhanced returns, and minimised risk in a streamlined, impactful campaign.

Platform First Experimentation

We prioritise experimentation, including Brand Lift, Conversion Lift, Search Lift, and A/B Tests, to maximise returns for our partner brands.


Through our strong partnership with Meta as Business Partners, facilitated by our Agency Rep, we offer credits and coupons for these tests, ensuring our partner brands receive optimal returns from their Meta ad investments, driving incremental benefits to their business.

Ask us how we get the results our clients want.


Meta Certified Companies are organisations recognised as having proven expertise in Meta technologies and digital campaign management.



The Certification aims to differentiate companies by validating the expertise of their employees and helping them to acquire new business. According to Meta, recipient firms also benefit from added trust and greater credibility in the marketplace.