B Corp Certified: Our Journey

B Corp Certified: Our Journey

Over the last 6 months, we have considerably strengthened our agency with our team, purpose and charitable givebacks. We are incredibly proud to be fully committed to our team and values which has resulted in us achieving our B Corp certification – demonstrating our high social and environmental performance.

Our agency has grown during an extraordinary time of change, meaning we have really focussed on our commitments to our team and charitable partners. 

As an agency with a conscience, Hello Earth recognises the unique mission of honest, sustainable brands, working to give their stories the platform and profit they deserve, at a time when the planet needs them most. The values of our company are cemented in our legal structure and mission statement and we have been working on building a culture of change.  

We have developed our Impact Model which has been designed to drive business, industry and community impact, whilst aligning with global Net Zero and Sustainable Development Goals; whilst Hello Earth is proudly a Net Zero business, part of our mission is to kill carbon, and partake in regular charitable work, such as beach cleans as a mindful, team-building exercise.

We, like many other businesses, still have room to improve and drive change but our commitment to doing and being better is at the forefront of all conversations. There are a number of exciting partnerships and collaborations in the pipeline to bring us closer to our vision of being an agency of working with progressive consumer solutions and responsible production.