Delivering a 72% increase in Meta ROAS for Ocean Saver’s ocean friendly cleaning products

Ocean Saver creates ocean friendly, plastic free cleaning products. They focus on creating products that perform as well, if not, better than the leading brands, without destroying the Ocean. Ocean Saver targets those eco-savvy individuals, looking for a sustainable, high quality alternative to their current cleaning provider, that doesn’t break the bank.


Ocean Saver approached Hello Earth because of our strong experience and skills across Meta advertising, paired with our commitment to planet friendly products, directed to our purpose led customer base.


Ocean Saver were keen to overcome two challenges across Meta and Performance Content:

  • Develop ads that spoke to their green audience in a pointedly focused manner, by increasing ROAS and reducing Meta CPA.
  • Create performance content to speak to their green audience, whilst driving engagement, consideration and conversion.

We approached the challenges with three key focus areas:

  • Focus #1: Human Truth Marketing
  • Focus #2: Product and LTV focus
  • Focus #3: Meta account best practices


Firstly we created our Go To Market strategy which drilled down into who our customer was, and what they engage with including price point, cleaning ability compared to leading competitors, and cleaning ability at lower temperatures which aligns with the increasing energy costs customers are experiencing now. We then condensed our approach down to focus upon what customers care about, and stripped back any messaging which did not align with this.


Our consideration focused upon which products drove the strongest first order AOV, had the strongest potential for retention, and which product sector had the largest market when considering competitors. This enabled us to be focused with our budget and creative efforts.

Lastly, we combined Advantage+ Shopping including AI targeting, paired with in-market interest targeting to ensure we were driving performance across Meta. 


  • 28% decrease in Meta CPA
  • 72% increase in Meta ROAS
  • 100% increase in Meta Conversion Rate

We were able to increase spend, reduce cost per acquisition and increase ROAS by driving a higher first order AOV. We were able to invest more budget in less activity too, for example, we focused on a streamlined product mix, and spread our budgets across fewer creatives which in turn were higher performing. This reduced waste and enabled our budget to be laser focused on activities which delivered strong performance. 


Overall we discovered:


Human Truths are a brilliant way of both developing strategy and copy, and also communicating with customers, as they enable us to remove any unnecessary content from our campaigns. We learnt that customers care about price, washing clothes at lower temperatures, and performance against leading competitors


A consolidated ad account can perform well, even when increasing spend. We discovered more assets and activity doesn’t necessarily mean better performance.


Linking to a higher price variant will increase AOV, by pushing traffic to a larger quantity variant, we increase first order AOV, improving first order profitability and acquiring higher quality customers.

Adam - Marketing Director at Ocean Saver stated “We were really impressed with Hello Earth’s vision and strategy for OceanSaver, and believe they are aligned with our brand purpose. The team is attentive and dedicated to driving performance across a multitude of channels and services, including SEO, Meta Ads, Google Ads and Performance UGC, which we have been very impressed with.”

Adam Joe Parker

"Hello Earth excel with Meta's latest product developments, they quickly utilise new platform features such as CAPI, Advantage+ Shopping, ads for Reels placements and more to benefit their clients.

Hello Earth successfully combine Creative Strategy and Meta Media Buying. All of their media buyers are Creative Strategy certified, and they deliver creatives in house with our team of creative strategists and designers."

Emma Mathews

Head of Industry, Global Business Group, Meta

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