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About the project

This conscious beauty brand was new to social media advertising. They wanted to launch with a bang, seeking immediate scale in their revenue results from Day 1.

They had seen some success with influencer marketing but had not tapped into the potential to dramatically scale ROI from this channel when pairing it with Facebook and Instagram advertising.


The client briefed the Hello Earth team with a goal to deliver consistent, stable, repeat revenue each month. They wanted to achieve this target within 90 days of launching their social media advertising. Their aim was to achieve repeat domestic revenue before scaling internationally.During the first month of working together, the COVID-19 pandemic hit and the client had concerns about pursuing its plans to scale.


However, Hello Earth carefully analysed the volatile marketplace and thoughtfully built and launched an advertising campaign. We smashed the client’s target by delivering 5 figures in one month and scaling by 750% by month 6. 

The Strategy

The Hello Earth team was tasked with building a new sales funnel that would generate revenue (at great speed) during an unprecedented time in human history.

Using the results and insights gained from their broad portfolio of conscious clients, the team identified a way to deliver revenue in 60 days. They moved quickly and carefully.

  • We ran advertising campaigns using interest-only targeting (with no historical data, we were unable to create lookalike or custom audiences straight away).
  • We tested three broad targeting options.
  • We expanded the interest-only targeting when we began seeing trends and conversion results in the data.
  • We optimised the campaigns for conversions.
  • We ran campaigns using Campaign Budget Optimisations to increase return on investment from advertising spend.
  • We used six pieces of influencer-created content to build competitive campaign creative that increased prospect engagement and conversions.
  • We isolated these in Dynamic Creative.
  • We tested stitched variations of these ads.
  • To increase the return on advertising investment and reduce the cost per acquisition (CPA), we set automated rules.
  • We used multiple campaign objectives and measured performance on CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions: the number of screens that the ad is rendered on).

In order to meet the client’s unique goals, we built tailored sales funnels to achieve the sales and revenue objectives. Without any historical data, this sales funnel was built from the ground up to deliver competitive results in just 60 days.

In this instance, our sales funnel services included campaign development, targeting optimisation, budget optimisation, influencer marketing integration, creative testing and landing page optimisation.

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