Renowned London-based eyewear innovator Lexxola has selected Hello Earth to spearhead their Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) expansion through strategic Meta Advertising. Lexxola, deeply rooted in its community, places immense value on customer feedback, shaping it into the cornerstone of their product development process. 


Lexxola stands out in the eyewear industry, not just for their style but also for their commitment to sustainability. Each pair of glasses is a blend of avant-garde technology and eco-friendly materials, ensuring a minimal environmental footprint. Their collection, featuring unique designs like ‘Neo’, ‘Jordy’, and ‘Storm’, is renowned for its signature shapes and vibrant lens colors, setting new trends in eyewear fashion.


The partnership with Hello Earth marks a significant step in Lexxola’s journey, as they aim to amplify their online presence while staying true to their brand ethos.


“We were introduced to Hello Earth by one of their existing clients, and the results they showcased were nothing short of impressive. What really resonated with us was their deep understanding of our unique challenges – maintaining brand integrity while scaling up digitally. We’re excited to embark on this journey with Hello Earth, confident in their ability to help us grow our brand in the coming months,” said Zane, Founder of Lexxola.


This collaboration is poised to take Lexxola’s innovative designs and sustainable approach to new heights, leveraging Hello Earth’s expertise in digital strategy to reach a wider audience while staying grounded in their core values.