Abysse Swimwear – 340% Increase in YoY Revenue

Abysse Swimwear 340% Increase in YoY Revenue​

The Results

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About The Project

Abysse Official is at the forefront of sustainable swimwear, with a passion and a mission to empower women who truly love the sea.

Hello Earth was engaged by Abysse swimwear to support them in leading the conversation around sustainable swimwear supporting their growth in new and existing territories.

Our brief was to completely rebuild their advertising campaigns and support their territory growth.

Utilising Facebook, Google and Email we have continued to deliver profitable results month-on-month.

What We Did

Google & Facebook

We launched a cross-channel advertising campaign, utilising multi prospecting channels, including Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Google Shopping. We tested creative across each channel, and audience demographics to fund the brands sweet spot. This enabled us to scale fast. As part of our retargeting sequence, we developed multiple stacks to ensure conversion at each level of the funnel.

The first few months we delivered fantastic results we were able to scale the ROAS to over 6.4x in just a few short weeks. 

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