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As a performance marketing agency, we know it can’t all be done with big budget paid advertising - you need the right mix of marketing activity to really grow.

We combine learnings from social media and search advertising with industry awareness, understanding the organic search landscape and audience behaviour to generate holistic organic search strategies, designed to capture potential customers at every stage of the buying funnel to boost traffic, conversions and ultimately revenue. 

Why should you invest in SEO?

  • Your paid advertising isn’t working 
  • Paid advertising budgets are limited 
  • You’ve never thought about or even heard of SEO 
  • Most of your customers find you by ads or by word of mouth 
  • Your site might not be converting visitors directed by ads
  • SEO drives users looking to buy to the right products 
  • SEO drives users looking for info to your site and gives additional conversion opportunity
  • Organic strategies capture buyers at every stage of the funnel, so it’s ideal for driving new customers  
  • SEO also benefits paid channels by creating better retargeting audiences and better converting landing pages 
  • Organic search creates around 43% of all ecommerce traffic – how much are you missing out on?
  • Organic visibility builds brand awareness as well as sales 
  • Is longer-term and more cost-effective than paid search alone when done correctly

The Three Pillars


Includes foundational, code-based and technical functionality – making your site accessible to search engines, anywhere you need it to be. 


What the website says, who it targets and how it says it through copy, imagery, video and more.


Generating trust in your brand and online entity using trust-signals, both on-site and off-site.

The SEO Process

All good SEO starts with understanding what you want to be visible for, what you’re trying to do using SEO and who you’re targeting. All clients are onboarded with a full keyword research project that educates the ongoing strategy from a technical, content and trust perspective, so we can make sure we’re targeting the right people, at the right stage of their buying journey. We’ll also Audit the existing website and ensure it meets SEO best practices.

With solid foundations of a target keyword list and a technically sound website, we then focus on optimisation. We’ll use our understanding of your audience, intent and SERPs to optimise pages on the website to create best in class results for users.

SEO is constantly changing, and so are our customers. There’s no ‘job done’ when it comes to SEO, so as we grow organic visibility we also need to flex and flow and stay ahead of algorithm changes, new tactics, ranking factors and changes in consumer behaviour. We also learn from what we’ve tested, adapt what didn’t work, repeat what did and report back those learnings. We keep up to date with all the latest news in the industry and adapt as we go.

Meet Our SEO Manager

Hi, I’m Levi!  (She/Her)


I’ve been in SEO for almost 6 years, and in Marketing for 8 years after completing my marketing and advertising degree. I’ve worked with clients big and small, everyone from small local carpet fitters and plumbers to big brands like TONI&GUY, HD Brows and Reuters, as well as charities like The Air Ambulance and Mind. Inclusion, diversity, equality, sharing knowledge and self-expression are huge factors in my everyday life and I am an advocate for equality, mental health support and celebrating neurodiversity in the workplace. I love to learn and share my skills and expertise, so you’ll often find me doing training, teaching or speaking at conferences or events. My superpower in my role is my creativity combined with my logical thinking – I am an ideas person and a problem solver and I love working with the team to help our clients thrive while doing good for the planet. 

SEO Manager

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