Empowered by Ashley – 790,000% Revenue Growth


The Results

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The Background

Empowered by Ashley is about making a real change to people's lives. Starting after one of their own family members was assaulted, they were determined to try and stop this from happening to others.

As product experts with over 10 years of experience in product design, they introduced a sleek and stylish personal safety alarm, Ashley, built to deter attackers, reduce sexual assault or violence and to make their target customers feel empowered whilst going about their daily lives. They needed an integrated campaign to target their audience and raise awareness of the daily risks and challenges for women.

The Strategy

The Empowered by Ashley Paid Media Campaign messaging revolved around 3 key pillars; facts and figures, their mission and customer stories. Through an omni-channel approach consisting of TikTok, Instagram, Charitable Giving and partnering with various establishments and brands, this generated an explosion of bulk orders from huge brands such as Pfizer, the Welsh Police Department, Swingers Golf, Sky Sports, Moonpig and HG Capital. Orders also came in from well known organisations such as the NHS.

Influencer collaboration with prominent women within relevant industries, along with content creator gifting was deployed.

We raised awareness of the We gifted over 1,000 alarms to numerous charities and individuals and supported various organisations by supplying over 1,000 alarms at wholesale costs.

We met and exceeded the revenue targets per month, consistently every month in the first 12 months of launch. Due to the success of the personal safety alarm, we have subsequently launched a supporting safety product, aptly named the ‘Tipple Topper’. Focusing on a contentious yet current topic, this is an anti drink spike product, which has been rolled out with soaring sales of since January 2022.

Together with Hello Earth, Empowered by Ashley wanted to help customers move through the world feeling more confident, reassured and empowered. Working to end sexual violence and exploitation was paramount.

The Results

  • Empowered by Ashley brand by increasing,
  • Instagram followers to 11.5K,
  • Email list by 4,789% recipients,
  • Revenue growth by visitors to 790,664% 

Empowered by Ashley’s mission was to raise awareness of the issues women face daily and to put a valuable safety product into as many women’s hands as possible. Together we worked on a campaign to bring about removing the stigma around speaking up about sexual violence and exploitation.