Redefining Good Business for a Sustainable Future

Redefining Good Business for a Sustainable Future


Starting a business is a challenging but rewarding experience. However, not all businesses are created equal. Some may be successful in the short term but ultimately fail due to poor management, unsustainable practices, or a lack of consideration for customers and employees. So, what makes a business truly good? Let’s take a closer look.



One of the primary goals of any business is to make a profit. Without sufficient revenue, a business cannot sustain itself, invest in new opportunities, or reward its employees. However, it’s important to note that profitability alone does not define a good business. In some cases, a company may prioritise short-term profits over long-term sustainability or ethical practices, which can ultimately harm its reputation and bottom line.



A good business operates with sustainability in mind. This includes minimising waste, reducing energy consumption, and using renewable resources whenever possible. A sustainable business also considers its impact on its community and environment, striving to leave a positive legacy for future generations.


Adding Value to Customers

A good business puts its customers first. This means providing high-quality products or services that meet their needs and exceed their expectations. It also means being responsive to customer feedback and constantly striving to improve the customer experience. When customers feel valued and appreciated, they are more likely to return and recommend the business to others.


Fair Treatment of Employees

Employees are the backbone of any business, and a good business recognises their importance. This means treating employees with respect, paying fair wages, and providing opportunities for professional growth and development. It also means providing a safe and healthy work environment and fostering a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion.


Positive Impact on the Community

Finally, a good business recognises its role in the community and seeks to make a positive impact. This can take many forms, such as charitable giving, volunteering, and supporting local businesses. By investing in the community, a business can build a positive reputation and establish long-term relationships with customers and stakeholders.


At Hello Earth, we are passionate about championing good business practices and spearheading the conversation around what it means to be a truly good business.


Previously, our agency focused on working exclusively with sustainable businesses. However, we recognise that the conversation of good business is much wider than that. We have welcomed several new clients into our agency who are actively improving what good business looks like for them, including charitable alignments and local partnerships to help communities thrive alongside their businesses. We see doing good as an imperative part of the business. The reason we secured our B Corp certification so early on in our business journey was because of the three pillars of good business: people, planet, and profit. It demonstrates an opportunity to focus on the three P’s rather than just growth and profit, and we’re proud to be part of this growing movement.


At Hello Earth, we’re excited to relaunch our agency mission and purpose, which has evolved into the following:


Purpose: We’re the powerhouse behind businesses doing good. As a performance-driven digital agency, we’re committed to maximising efficiency and delivering results for socially responsible brands, while recognising and addressing the impact of digital marketing activities on climate change.


Vision: Our vision is to revolutionise business by using profit for a purpose. Through innovative strategies, we drive growth that also creates a positive impact. We’re inspiring a new era of responsible business that helps companies become digitally carbon-neutral while championing the importance of people and the planet.


EVP (employee value proposition): At the heart of our business is our team. We foster a culture that prioritises work-life balance, physical and emotional well-being, and growth opportunities. Collaboration and open communication are key values that drive our success.


CVP (customer value proposition): We partner with purpose-driven businesses to fuel their growth and profitability through expert performance marketing and creative strategies. As a performance-driven digital agency, we prioritise efficiency, effectiveness, and digital carbon neutrality to minimise the social and environmental impact of digital marketing. We foster a culture of collaboration and trust with our clients, building strong partnerships to create positive change in the world.


We’re excited to continue championing good business practices and helping socially responsible brands achieve their goals. Our focus on efficiency, effectiveness, and digital carbon neutrality sets us apart from other agencies and allows us to drive results while minimising our impact on the environment. At Hello Earth, we’re proud to be part of a growing movement of businesses that prioritise purpose over profit and are committed to making a positive impact on the world.